Employee Policy

Communication is a people business and we at the MS GROUP believe in supporting and investing in our employees, to motivate and retain the industry's top talent for efficient execution and delivery of projects. We understand our employee's concerns and our responsibilities to ensure safety and offer protection against potential hazards involved in the work process or its products.

Our employees are our strength! A combined experience of more than 0-5 years sets off a well-trained, Sincere, well-disciplined and devoted team that innovates, provides cost-effective solutions, accepts challenges and ensures quality and sustainability of delivered products. Our company maintains a definite hierarchy to escalate hassle-free inter-departmental and customer coordination.

MS Group Team details:- Our Team consist of 20 employees which were posted all over India according to regions and work flow which is mentioned below:-

1. Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh
No of employee: 10

2. Maharashtra
No of Employee 10

3. Odisha
No of employee: 3