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At present our team providing the complete support to TATANET NELCO LTD , HUGHES COMMUNICATION INDIA LTD, BSNL as the service provider for INSTALLATION ,MAINTENANCE AND DEPLOYMENT AT VARIOUS SECTOR INDUTRIES for below


We start by defining the scope of work, outlining budget costs, and setting goals to make sure key milestones are met. Throughout the project we ensure that equipment and resources are ready when needed, quality measures are reviewed, and customers receive timely information. The company is backed by a team of experts and professionals who possess vast industry experience and have adequate knowledge of the prevalent trends and changing requirements of the market. Our company believes in organizing, implementing and executing work with utmost care, confidence and capabilities and within the stipulated time frame. We accept and face challenges positively and persevere to deliver the best and Endeavour to achieve the optimum level of customer's satisfaction.

Our fundamental business strategy is building and operating in long-term client relationships and we aim to deliver reliable and responsible growth. The steady expansion and increasing success of our business depends on the continuing delivery of quality technical expertise, skills and disciplines, coupled with our commitment to fulfilling our wider responsibilities and achieving goals with a winning spirit. We understand that good business relationships promote successful delivery and that any project delivery is the sum total of many elements. We Endeavour first to understand these elements and then focus on our client's specific requirements to ensure quality execution and product satisfaction.

Business Model & Core Values

The MS GROUP is a relationship-based company and over the years, our commitment to and consistency in superior performance at every level of the organization has won us the trust of our clients. We work in tandem with our clients and focus on strong and long-term relationships. Our business relationship model supports our client's improved profitability and market advantage through continued growth. The success of MS GROUP can be measured and determined by its sustained rise in the brutally competitive market. The success of our business policies indicates our company's unique quality, drives our strategies and deems our priorities. Our environment is open to innovation and flexible to change and we value our employee's talents, and we consider their expertise and capabilities to be the cornerstones of our achievements.

Strength of the Company:

MS GROUP draws main strength from its well-trained, sincere, vigorous, well-disciplined Team members having varied experience. This gives us force to accept the challenging task in precise time frame happily.

Our company provides a single point of contact to our every valued client and clear hierarchy to escalate for better coordination.